Understand where can be found the electric motor in a car

The electric motor operating mode allows it to be applied across multiple devices in a car. One end of the armature to contain a mechanism that can be used both to lock and to unlock the lock, but can also contain a pulley or even a coupling which will cause the electric motor is in operation through a combustion or, still, there are cases where with the help of a propeller electric motor will have the internal fan or will turn the mechanism that will clean the glass for the windshield.


The electric motor in the car can be used in various parts of the car. The trend is that the electric motor is used to make motor cars is replaced by the electric motor and this has been going on since the electric motor is less polluting and has high torque and power.

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Electric motor should not be recovered

Learn why an electric motor should not be recovered

When the electric motor that failed is replaced, the ideal is to be made a careful analysis to understand what the problem was presented by the electric motor. The ideal is to recover an electric motor that has low power because the cost is high and reaches the value of a new electric motor that has high performance.

In addition, when the spoiled electric motor is recovered, new factors are introduced and this can cause the electric motor to suffer losses when compared to the original electric motor of the jason industrial products.

The recovered electric motor may excessive heating of the iron core, because it has taken the faulty winding and this causes the breakage of insulation of the stator blades and the result will be increased eddy current losses.

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Electric motors work as

Common people have doubts about the operation process of the electric motors. Although this operation is very simple, some people have difficulty understanding it. Here we will explain a bit more about this operation so that you understand how it is quite simple.

The operation of the electric motor takes place by means of electromagnetic fields, it has the ability to turn electrical energy into mechanical energy, based on that he will run the process or equipment where it is installed. There are two major factors that motivate the use of the engines, first is the economy and second is efficiency.

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The transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy is the main function of these motors. By offering this transformation of economically and efficiently, engines began to be used in different sectors, both industrial as well as commercial. Soon, we will have new segments for these engines.

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Understand the differences of the three-phase electric motor with only one speed and where it can be used

The three-phase electric motor with a speed has a normal starting torque, normal and low slip inrush current. This electric motor model is used in machine tools, rolling mills, condensers, evaporators, mixers, refrigeration facilities, spokes, compactors, without wheels crushers, blowers, textile machinery, compressors, exhaust fans, pumps, crushers, mills, heating towers and belts carriers.

The three-phase electric motor Koyo Bearing HM218210 TAPERED ROLLER BEARING with a speed can also have high torque starting, normal and low slip inrush current. It can be found at: paste mixers, conveyors, bucket elevators and cranes.

The three-phase electric motor with a speed can still have high torque starting, normal and high slip inrush current. It is applied in elevators, conveyor belts, stamping machines and guillotines that have a high torque with sudden load application.

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Meet the models and the application of each of the electric motor

Meet the models and the application of each of the electric motor types that are on the market

The single-phase electric motor with permanent capacitor has low torque starting, ordinary income and high power factor and is widely used in automatic doors, milking machines, agitators, fans, mixers, drills, exhaust fans, saws, textile machinery, sewing, washing clothing, pumps, air conditioners, air renovators, air renovators, grinders, air conditioners and carbonatadores bombs. ac single phase motors

The single-phase electric motor with starting capacitor has high partidam conjugate yields in the normal way and have low power factor. This electric motor serves to: washing machines, lawn mowers, disc saw, pumps, compressors and in tumble dryers.

The electric motor single phase double capacitor has high torque starting, high efficiency and high power factor is easily found in mills, crushers, centrifugal pumps and others.

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Electric induction motor is simple and robust

Over the years, technology has spurred many electric motors so that these motors could meet the market needs.

The electric induction motor sf4100 is simple and robust. This electric motor comprises a wound stator and rotor assembly. The electric induction motor gets its name because the currents circulating in the rotor are induced by alternating currents flowing in the stator. The electromagnetic effects are combined by means of the stator currents and the rotor produces a force that causes the electric motor to generate movement.

The three-phase induction motor has a model that has a wound rotor and the other model has a squirrel cage rotor. The two models electric motor operate in the same way as the motor with squirrel cage rotor is the most robust, simple and reliable and has a long life without undergoing maintenance.

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